General Introduction
Nanjing Flybear Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing--the capital of Jiangsu, with long history and convenient transportation. It's the first professional manufacturing enterprise under Flybear Fastening System, combining design, manufacture, inspection and sales together. Our main products include stainless steel double ended studs, U/V bolts, fully threaded rods, T head bolts and nuts, machine screws, high precision turned parts, kinds of stampings, riveting screws and nuts, non-standard products according to customers' requirements.
Our company has passed the ISO9001:2008, TS16949 Quality System Certification with advanced equipments, strong R&D strength, professional skill, perfect quality guarantee system and strict inspection. Skills keep growing, which can meet various customers' needs.

Our company not only has the advantage of production and R&D, but also pays attention to establishing sales networks and different marketing orientation to meet customers' demands. Nanjing Dongming Fasteners Co., Ltd., Nanjing Feixiong Hardware Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Flyear Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd. Are belonged to our company, which are separately in charge of service for customers from large-scale foreign-funded enterprises and national major projects. We can also produce some competitive products according to customers' needs, such as stainless steel high-strength and high anti corrosive A4-80 bolts in stock, the whole series of Hengfeng-Flybear stainless steel blind rivets, washers and special lock nuts, etc.

Our products are widely used in high-precision & high-requirements industries, such as electronics, telecommunication, valve, ship, machine manufacturing, petroleum, chemistry & chemical and military projects.

We will keep recruiting excellent talents to join us, to develop our R&D ability, establish more sales and service networks, improve our Flybear fastening system's before and after sales, so that we can offer much better service to win our customers' trust.

Main Products
Most Competitive Products
1. ss double ended studs
2. ss U/V bolts
3. ss fully threaded rods
4. ss T head bolts and nuts
5. ss rivet screws and nuts
6. high precision turned parts
7. ss stampings
8. inlaid nuts
9. ss long hex head bolts and nuts small screws
11. A4-80 high strength and high anti-corrosion bolts
12. ss long carriage bolts
13. pipe fittings
14. non-standard products